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Our focus.

Sound mind and stronger body - Sleep better - Move easier doing daily tasks - Encourage healing from trauma/loss - Desire change and accountability in Life's Journey - Find Yoga community and grow together
Group Fitness

Whatever your level or passion: depend on our live schedule, with dynamic flows, yoga tutorials, different class lengths, learning from experienced teachers.

Personal Training

Break the habit of self-doubt: a Personalized workout plan, a Workbook to understand your progress, and regular Checks from your dedicated Coach.

Corporate Training

Amplify Corporate Culture: Stress Management for employees, Mindful Exercises that enhance focus, Team Building retreats and problem-solving with Meditation.

Mums and Kids

Mindfully curated for relaxation: Prenatal Yoga to develop proper breathing techniques, Mum Group workouts, Kids Yoga with concentration exercises and play.

Ado Awaiye, Oyo

Sandy shares teachings sourced from over a decade of study. Since 2014 my focus has been on meditative movement with conscious breath, mindfulness and self-empowerment using affirmations, self-inquiry, and creative visualization.

I frequently travel to study and teach with my mentors at teacher retreats around Nigeria and Africa; and my favorite experiences are hosting/attending private gatherings for women, to empower ourselves, offering mindful practices that reignite this power.

Occasionally, I offer my practice to a wider audience, TV & Radio health programs. I lead Wellness Initiatives to enhance Corporate Culture – problem solving through meditation, stress management, and luxuriously packaged retreats.

I also volunteer with organisations focused on Mental Health; leading sessions on Big Brother Nigeria, with the housemates and its international audience, showed the role Yoga and Mindfulness can play in African homes. Also, at Fitness Festivals and initiatives for Preventive Healthcare with local and international Brands.

I utilize the ancient practices of Yoga and Meditation, also using revelations from my own experiences, to mindfully guide students towards their true nature: for truth, wisdom and bliss. It is my passion and dharma to hold sacred spaces for transformation, self-discovery and activate your inner sage, as you create the life you love.

Find your starting point.

Do you understand what your specific needs are?

We use Meditation to create mental clarity and calmness, it can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety, all factors that cause stress and prevent us feeling happy.


A consistent yoga practice increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body toning.


I can help you Identify your abilities, to leverage and develop them. When you discover what you're passionate about, it's easier to grasp the concepts and accept them. Finding paths that we want to pursue, to lead fulfilling lives.

Practice Teach

Our Sunday School provides Yoga Teachers (especially new ones), with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in practice, supported by our Teachers' Collective.

6+ Years

Experience: Power Vinyasa Yoga, Kemetic Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Kids Yoga

8,990+ Satisfied

Private Students, Corporate Organisations, Fitness Festivals

6,750+ Hours

Yoga Student, Teacher & Teacher Trainer

Over 58 Partnerships

Local and International

Special events and activities

Social Impact

International Yoga Day celebration yearly, since 2017. 

Big Brother Nigeria 2019, Yoga and Meditation with the Housemates

Female empowerment meet-ups, since Nov 2018 – Chai & Chat, Release to Receive, At-Home (Virtual) Retreats

Free Yoga & donation-based yoga (sliding scale) depending on accessibility

Creating community by sharing my Yoga practice and awareness online and offline, since 2014 – Silverbird TV, Ebony Life, Genevieve magazine, Spice TV, Wazobia TV,etc.


Fitness Festivals

Meristem Green Fest 2019: leading bespoke investment firm and capital market conglomerate 

FitFam Fest 2016: PUMA, Red Care HMO, Malta

FitFam Fest 2017: AXA Mansard, Three Crowns, Skechers

FitFam Fest 2018: VISA, Amstel Malta, DANO 

Find Your Lagos 2016-2019: Nothing to do in Lagos, yearly festival


Hosted Retreats

Locally – Drill Ranch in Cross River, Tarkwa Beach Camping, Hiking Retreat in Oyo, Lufasi Forest Bathing, and other specially curated events for corporates and small groups.

Internationally – Kenya, Benin, Ghana

Virtual – “At Home” Retreats, Private Groups & Corporate Retreats



My journey with yoga started in my teenage years! I’ve been teaching since 2015, but I’m a forever student of this practice, and I love learning more about Yoga from my mentors and fellow teachers.

I share my experiences with my community through workshops, seminars and specially curated events. Also, partnering with hospitals and mental health initiatives to provide much needed support.


Pricing Table.

Depending on your requirements, we provide in-person training for individual or groups

N 15,000


Small Group (<30)

N 150,000

1.5 hours

Corporate (>30)


1.5 hours

Unique Offerings and Packages

  1. Team bonding – sensory activities, breathing exercises, communication/listening games, mirroring and matching
  2. Walking Meditation, Journaling Workshop for self inquiry and personal development
  3. Meditation for problem solving, to understand thought processes that develop habits 
  4. Creative Releases – meditation, gratitude practice, positive affirmations, visualization, drawing, vision boards
  5. Stress Management Seminars – desk exercises, stress signaling, sleeping better, workplace habits, time management 
  6. Virtual “at home” retreats for 3 – 6 hours (choosing activities from above)  

Immersion Training

Yoga and Wellness Courses, learn at your own pace
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4 Weeks Beginner Virtual Course - 2 hour workshops per week, all you need to Start Your Yoga. November cohort starts 6th. Apply by sending an email to (schedule, curriculum and price will be sent to you) ONLY 10 spots each month.



Feedback from my students and fellow teachers​.

Every time i attend a class with Sandra, i come out feeling at ease and clear, with mind and body feeling relaxed and ready for whatever is coming next.

Work-life balance

I fall off my practice sometimes, and Sandra has helped me get back into it consistently. Regular check ins and very keen for me to notice the progresses I’ve made. I will recommend her to anyone trying to find that work life balance.


I’ve been to a lot of yoga classes and i always return back to Sandra because of the sequence of her class. You can tell its well thought out, with adequate rest between tough poses and cues for each student to stay aligned. 


I followed Sandra on Instagram years ago and she’s been sharing her Yoga. I felt connected to her even before our first class together. That first class was everything i needed to kickstart my practice, the sounds, smells, sights – all meticulously selected for a truly holistic experience, i can’t wait for the next one!


I appreciate how she communicates to her students, especially about keeping to time so that we don’t miss any part of the session. She’s always on time and will inform us if any timing has to chance. I think its so important for a teacher to have that integrity.


I’ve known Sandra since she did her first yoga class at the beach in 2015! Since then she’s built yoga community with students and teachers, and i admire that. I also appreciate her tailored classes, how she adapts poses for my body type. I always feel safe in her class.


Our Stories

Read and learn from our experiences.

14 days Meditation Challenge

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