Essence Workshop with Sandy

Objectives: To create a portal of learning for yourself. To curate a practice that’s relevant to you. This workshop is intended for persons with an interest in yoga – an existing yoga practice or those carrying an intent to start practicing.

You will gain: a basic, yet deep understanding of the practice of yoga (the essentials, essence), an empowered desire to go home & practice more accessible poses, an ability to enter any yoga class with heightened understanding of what is being asked for, an increased ability to participate safely, a safe framework in which to cultivate a deeper practice more quickly.

12k early bird or 15k on workshop day. Limited space, please RSVP if you wish to attend.
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Sessions in February 2022: 13th, 20th & 26th

Sunday 13th: Tarkwa Bay (Fitness Career Beachfront) from 12-2pm
Sunday 20th: Tarkwa Bay (Fitness Career Beachfront) from 12-2pm

Spend your day at the beachfront. Boat trip is not included in price, and can be easily arranged.

Saturday 26th: House Of Zen (Victoria Island) from 10:30am-12:30pm

Spend your day visiting the space for wellness classes. massage therapies and holistic retail.

Areas of concentration/what to expect: 

Sensory awareness to calm your nervous system + Tips to avoid injury + Bring intention to your practice (10 minutes) 

Starts with an experience for your senses, this reconnection encourages an embodied practice; more familiar with discomfort & pain thresholds, releasing fear & anxiety, gaining clarity about yourself.

Breathing practice + Learning Principles of Yoga (10 minutes)

We learn basic principles of yoga, emphasizing the importance of establishing a breathing practice. You can opt in (or out) of teacher’s adjustments.

Yoga Asanas that enhance strength, flexibility, and alignment based on your body type (75 minutes) 

Explaining common yoga terms while teaching poses – standing, seated, balancing, supine, resting. This is the most physical aspect of the session, you’ll learn modifications to lessen or intensify these poses, and this informs the levels you can tailor your practice to each time.

Meditation (10 minutes)

Devoting time to concentrate on your values, get in touch with your emotions and develop a life aligned with purpose, abundance, and wonder.

Journaling to Remember  (15 minutes)

Understand and empower yourself: recalling experiences from workshop. Get clear with the personal goals that matter to you, and receive helpful feedback on how to build them into practice.
Bring a mat if you have one. Please request for a mat if you don’t.
Wear comfortable exercise clothes. Come prepared to have fun and learn something new about yourself. 
This workshop is suitable for the new practitioners but is open to all, even the most advanced practitioner can learn from revisiting familiar poses. 
Anyone can do Yoga, as long as you can breathe.
I can’t wait to meet you!!
Sandy, Founder 
The Physical Benefits of Yoga
Studies have shown that a consistent practice of yoga offers both physical and mental benefits to the body and mind. A few of the benefits that you will experience are:

Improved muscular-skeletal condition. Improved balance and grace. Better breathing capacity.

Encourages weight loss. Improved flexibility. Stronger and more toned muscles. Better posture. Healthier spine. Reduction in back pain.

The Mental Benefits of Yoga 
Yoga’s incorporation of meditation and breathing can also help you improve your overall mental well-being. A regular mindful yoga practice will: 

Create mental clarity and calmness. Increase body awareness.

Help you relax the mind and sleep better.  Improve attention & concentration.