Questioning my Devotion

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I answer these 6 questions when I’m feeling uncertain and in need of direction, it creates a path for you.

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You can spare the next few minutes to gain some insight. Start by drawing in deeper breaths to center yourself, and decide to write/record your thoughts as they come.

Who am I?

How do I feel about myself and my sense of identity, this is not about what I do or other’s opinion of who I am. I start by connecting with the truth about who I am – my intrinsic value, a person worth loving and being respected. I embrace my true nature, and allow this question to shape how I think about myself. I observe the different ways I can act/interact with the world around me.

What am I?

This reminds of my calling: what makes me feel strong, authentic, my competencies, what I love doing passionately, what burdens my heart. Even though these things don’t define your identity, they reveal your greatest potential for impact. Imagining you have a strength to offer others at a critical time, a life-giving gift to share with others, a contagious joy to spread, and that someone is waiting for you to impact them.

When am I?

Examining the specific point in history that your life is taking place. Whether you decide that you’re a result of a series of chaotic universal events, or the divine hand of a supreme being; pay attention and don’t miss the opportunities in this PLACE and TIME. Don’t get caught up with a past that reminds you of shame/pain/fear, and forget the importance of HERE and NOW. What does this mean for you?

Where am I?

This is the part of committing to life’s circumstances, being content by not wishing to be someone else. To decide internally that I’m exactly where I need to be right now, not someplace else, doing something else. As I’m make these internal declarations, I‘m taking notice if they are helping me or hurting me. Has my cynicism helped me? Has negativity been hurting me? Isn’t it time to drop ‘what ifs’ and embrace what is?

Why am I?

Time to develop strong convictions – these deeply held beliefs that give shape to your daily actions. These standards are set with practices that won’t be compromised, no matter what. Do you want to be the kind of person that passively adopts convictions, from other people and cultures around you (very common), or do you want to actively choose what guides your actions and stand by it? Which will you be?

How am I?

Creating my unique contribution by committing to: my identity, a calling, historical context, embracing life’s circumstances, and stating my convictions. The path will appear, now you have the courage to walk on it.

Whatever life has been up to this point, you can start again with purpose. Reminding yourself daily, that there’s no such thing as ‘too late’.

Thank you for reflecting with me.

Love always, Sandy


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